HISS Configuration

For of the Week of Speakers 2010

22-25 May 2010

Elements of the Huddersfield Immersive Sound System in Phipps Hall → a 24 channel loudspeaker array

Loudspeaker List

  • Main Circle
    • 8 x Meyer UPJ-1P
    • 8 x Meyer M1D-SUB
  • Centre Front
    • Meyer top with linked sub (Phipps Hall resident)
  • Frontal Pairs
    • 2 x Bellecour omnidirectional loudspeakers (elevated up high on stands)
    • 2 x Bose radiating loudspeakers
  • Surround Fills
    • 2 x Bose radiating loudspeakers
    • 1 x Bellecour omnidirectional (centre back)

Layout Plan

The main circle has a radius of 480cm.

Mixer Mapping

Also part of the HISS are a MacPro connected by MADI to a Yamaha DM-2000 mixer.
Hypothetically, the routing of mixer channels to loudspeakers is dynamic.
However for practicality, the system will be mapped as negotiated in this spreadsheet

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