Call for pieces to be performed with loudspeakers

Call poster, A4 .pdf here.

During this years four-day Week of Speakers there will be a day dedicated to student works: an evening concert and daytime rehearsal/workshops.

This is a call for any 5.1, 7.1, 8-channel, n-channel, stereo-diused; fixed-media, mixed-music, audio-visual, generative, installation, performance → anything that uses up to 24 loudspeakers.

Current proposed setup is a ring of the hiss Meyers (8 tops + 8 subs), an extra Meyer-with-sub as a centre channel, with Bellecour omni's for added surrounds and elevated loudspeakers for height. Other setups are possible; make suggestions.

Video screen will be included if there are enough video proposals.

Please send a short/bullet technical description of your piece detailing

  • the duration,
  • loudspeaker requirements,
  • any live players (which you would provide),
  • any microphone or other input requirements


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