Sonic Arts Forum Conference

Part of the Week of Speakers 2010

22 May 2010 University of Huddersfield

The purpose of this event is to draw upon a wide range of expertise and discuss how the use of sound (and technology) is changing the nature of practice across several different disciplines within the arts.


You are cordially invited to come along and present your work / ideas in an informal environment where open discussion is encouraged. The agenda for the event will be deliberately broad so as to attract participation from a diverse range of practice in a number of disciplines. For example, this may include music, sound design, film-making, theatre, multimedia, installation and web-based art.


If you are interested in presenting your work / ideas, or just want to come along and listen / debate, please send your details to Coryn Smethurst (via Facebook Event), so we can get an idea of numbers / plan the schedule for the day.



Facebook event

Sonic Arts Forum Facebook Page




  • 10:00 tea and coffee
  • 10:15 Graham Dunning -Installation work (tape units and amp which are brought)
  • 10:45 Stuart Russell - Immersive installation with live performance (CD)
  • 11:15 Sonia Paco-Roochia - sound art /performance work (?)
  • 11:45 Ian Gibson - mobile phone project (projector)
  • 12:05 Sara Ross - Acousmatic work (wav files)
  • 12:35 Lunch
  • 1:05 Frederico Macedo - acousmatic work (quad wav)
  • 1:35 David Hindmarch - Acousmatic work (octaphonic files)
  • 2:05 Daz Disley - Sound Artist Space (Laptop)
  • 2:25 Scott Hewitt -Live sound processing (projector)
  • 2:55 Paul Wilson - Audio /Visual work (projector and output)
  • 3:25 Karen Lauke - Audio / Visual work (DVD or Laptop?)
  • 3:55 Tea and Coffee
  • 4:10 Louise Woodcock - Projector (DVD and CD)
  • 4:40 Mark Pilkington - Audio Visual Work - (projector and output)
  • 5:10 Tom Brown - (?)
  • 5:40 End





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